Applying for a DREAM Project

  • DREAM projects are for undergraduate students currently studying at the Department of Computer Engineering in Hacettepe University.
  • In order to apply for the program, students must complete one full academic year and they should have a minimum CGPA of 2.5 (all semesters, cumulative).
  • Proposals are accepted three times a year (Fall, Spring, Summer terms), and the accepted proposals are announced on the DREAM webpage after the review period (see Deadlines).
Information for student
Application form:


At the end of the semester, DREAM Students MUST write a short (2-3 pages long) technical report documenting the results they obtain within the duration of the project, and they are expected to present their research experience at the annual Undergraduate Research Day held in May.


Describe your personal and technical progress during the past semester. Provide a 2-3 pages long report of the project, addressing the following topics:

  • Successes and challenges of your DREAM project,
  • Impact of your DREAM experience on your undergraduate career, or
  • Any general comments about the DREAM initiative.
If you have published any paper(s) as a result of your research collaboration, provide a copy of your publication(s) to the DREAM coordinators. Note that even if the project period spans multiple terms, you need to write your evaluation at the end of each semester.

Ethical Expectations

Students are expected to follow high standards of academic integrity and honesty in all of their research activities. Plagiarism fabrication of data, plagiarism and all other violations of academic integrity will not be tolerated.

Shared Values in Scientific Research*
Honesty conveying information truthfully and honoring commitments,
Accuracy reporting findings precisely and taking care to avoid errors,
Efficiency using resources wisely and avoiding waste,
Objectivity letting the facts speak for themselves and avoid improper bias
*STENECK, N. H. 2007. ORI - Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research